DavBot's Work

Site still in progress.

Hey there, I'm Davbot! I'm the admin of Davbot.media, a PeerTube instance for sharing your video content with the fediverse. I'm stoked to help you connect and show off your stuff.

Davbot.media - My PeerTube Instance

At Davbot.media, I hook you up with a place to upload your videos and connect with the ActivityPub community. Users get a solid 20GB of storage per account, powered by Backblaze object storage. That's loads of space for your content! If you are making videos even on a quasi consistent basis apply for a peertube account account and join the party!

Your Owncast - Livestream to the Fediverse

Got the itch to livestream on the Fediverse? I got you covered with Owncast instances. Just make sure you've got these requirements locked down:

  • Your own domain name and DNS, through Cloudflare or your hosting company.
  • A minimum upload speed of 3Mbps.
  • A Matrix messenger account (if you need one, I've got your back). This is for networking and making sure the server is never constipated and your stream gets all farty.

Contact me over on Mastodon, Matrix messenger or email.

Supporting Davbot's Work

I cover the base hosting costs for Davbot.media and its affiliated federated platforms outta my own pocket. But if you dig what we're doing and wanna help out, it'd be super rad! You can show some love by donating through my PayPal and if you're feelin' generous, hit up LiberaPay for a subscription. Every bit helps me keep the platform running and growing!

Contact DavBot

Stay in the loop by adding me on Matrix or Mastodon for updates.

Check Out Davbot's PeerTube Channel

Peep Davbot's PeerTube channel for random content, previous stream clips and conversation.

Davbot's Owncast Livestream

Oh, and if you want to be notified when I am live on Owncast, swing by my own livestream at live.davbot.media. and enable ActivityPub or browser notifications. Catch ya there!


This server does not support sharing. Please visit .