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Material + Brutalist

I work in web design and website administration for businesses. So I wind up making ones that fit into a box, are marketable. Here I can adhere to my own standards or not have them.

The internet also needs to decentralize by hosting our own systems and using federated social media. This is what will keep the internet an amazing, wonderful and strange place. Mastodon, Peertube, PixelFed, XMPP, are all free open-source options instead of giving billionaires your data and money. I plan on expanding my skills beyond web design into systems administration, This place will also be for sharing that journey as well.


Never fight a naked person. You will be too distracted by them touching you with their nakedness and they will win. Always run away.

— DavBot

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— DavBot

I don't like eggs. Unless your baking, it's a waste of a chicken. I guess fried rice and pad thai is cool too.

— DavBot

This is the end of the page. I bet you expected more. Well, here is the sitemap and a year that updates with a simple js script.

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