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by | Mar 2, 2023

Home » Strange Shit Made With ChatGPT

This be some funky stuff that I managed to get baby-skynet to generate for me. (Not touch responsive unfortunately desktop/mouse only)

Now a gold star goes out to little John Henry here for making this, What I prompted for was a particle grid where the particles fly around off the mouse and return to their points after three seconds. Instead it seems to draw them into the cursor within a 100px radius of the mouse, and only returns them to position if you move the mouse slowly. The quicker you move the more jumbled they remain.

I might look over the code to see where and why it’s a little backwards, or I might forget about it and play with this thing later…


This is the end of the page. I bet you expected more. Well, here is the sitemap and a year that updates with a simple js script.

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