+10gb PeerTube Account

+10gb PeerTube Account
No Billionaires. No Ads. Just posting and sharing things online like we used to do.

The server's services currently consists of Matrix, NextCloud, and PeerTube accounts, giving people healthier free and open source options to online existence that does not involve your data being farmed and feeding the greed. As you can tell I dislike money quite a bit and find its enforcement of use below the human condition lol.

I will always fund the base cost of running these instances but I would like to see the infrastructure grow and strengthen for these communities. So I have set up membership tiers here that current users & new folks can subscribe to and support this endeavor. I can't lie it would also be nice to become a self employed, self developed system administrator one day but that's not the goal, it's about maintaining spaces where communities can exist online while mitigating their existence from being some billionaire's farm. "Free-Range internet"

I would like to join, but I'm broke right now, Bezos stole my vacation pay.

Since I want to operate on the principals of "screw money" first and foremost, small accounts on these services are going to be free with open registration where available. The users that subscribe here will get some extra account space and access to any new services first as a thank-you for helping keep the lights on and renovations to the clubhouse going. As this grows account space shall grow too.

These accounts are given under the social contract of "play stupid games, win stupid prizes" as in you don't behave like a human with them or abide by the general community consensus or content policies the banhammer is swift but fair.

You can register as a free user for PeerTube here:

DavBot PeerTube
Coming to you in STUNNING 720p... This PeerTube Belongs to DavBot and Frenz of DavBot.

If you are interested in joining Matrix, or NextCloud for a small amount of cloud space and use of the instances tools such as calendar, contacts, online document editing, sharing and more I field those requests over on Mastodon at the moment. With some additional resources I should be able to open these up to public registration too but for the time being send me a direct message from your main account. I do have to do the day-job thing so I will respond with new accounts and upgrades as soon as I can.

If you already have a matrix account, would like a fresh redundant account or just want to join this home server's open space that can be found here:

Matrix - Decentralised and secure communication
You’re invited to talk on Matrix. If you don’t already have a client this link will help you pick one, and join the conversation. If you already have one, this link will help you join the conversation

Matrix Space: "General Disarray"

My Matrix:

I'll contact those who subscribe and be sure I have your current account's username right, if you are already on the DavBot Peertube or Nextcloud, please subscribe under the same email your account is registered to. You can subscribe right away with the button in the navigation or send along an email below if you wish to join later.

Moving Forward
My goals for expanding the server involve increasing RAM, CPU and storage for the current services and beyond. Then incorporate other federated services as time and resources allow.

Thanks for helping keep the internet weird.

Now for the discussion of the illusion of privacy other sensitive terms. You don't do evil or illegal shit, hurt people and animals. We are good. I will disclose, as a PeerTube and NextCloud admin I can choose to see files and private videos, only if given a reason to such as "can you help me with..." or the aforementioned evil shit. Any violation of the above will also result in immediate Matrix account termination. I will not ever sell your data, I will not ever use your data to train AI without direct consent, it is your data. In the event the instances and services need to be administrated by another admin, I will do everything within my living power to ensure that the community terms and philosophies are maintained.

Dave, AKA DavBot.